Is it fear that keeps us failing?

I attended a "controlled drugs update" meeting yesterday. 

It includes the usual litany of horror tales regarding drug conversions, near fatal or serious errors in changing from one medication to another. 

I asked whether we should be using any particular conversion calculator and was told that the back of the British National Formulary contains the relevant data. 

I was also told that we should always convert via morphine for our doses. 

So, let's get this straight. 

In the twenty first century the best we can offer a tired, potentially stressed doctor, on call or out of hours is to carry a book and a calculator and perform two sets of calculations to arrive at a dose equivalency? Seriously?  

Why have we not agreed a central single NHS MHRA app that is available to all clinicians which offers built in calculations, checked data entry and recorded audit of the dosages entered? 

Search the App store now and there are three opioid dosage conversion apps available. All US based. 

It's a disgrace that that the might of the NHS has not delivered a basic approved tool to every medic in the country, preferring instead to permit mistakes and punish failure.

Could it be we're too afraid to offer an app which might have a glitch? Could it be we're too afraid to risk saying there is a single "right" dose for conversion?  

Our are we content to let people make mistakes?  

Come on NHS, we're better and braver than that.