We need more variation!

Part of the trouble we face as clinicians is the call to standardisation. There are undoubtedly multiple clinical areas where all clinicians are expected, if not exhorted to do the same things in the same way. Management of AF for example.
Sadly this does not always happen and I would like to suggest a theory why not.
In every given population there is a distribution, the classic bell shaped curve, or asymmetric curve will undoubtedly be present.
By definition 50% will be above the mean, 50% will be below, and two standard deviations will see 95% of the population covered.
When it comes to adopting the standardised behaviour we're all given the same map, guideline, instructions and expected to follow them.
Now we can all see that the instructions I need to get to New York, will be different from the instructions required by a resident of the Broncs.
So why is it that we are helped to achieve best practice by instructions written by those engaged in best practice and no understanding of how far away some of us live?
Would we not achieve greater success in reaching our destination by recognising the various places from which we start?
I would suggest that NICE and other guideline generating organisations would do well to produce various guidelines all designed to work from various starting places, approximating to success and useable by those who live in different clinical lands.