Shift your paradigm please, I'm trying to get home.

What would happen if we discharged people from primary care to hospital and readmitted them back to primary care?
Just take a moment to consider what that simple shift in thinking would mean.
Yes the discharging practitioner would need to prepare the patient for their brief exit from the wrap around support of primary care, but also it would not be possible for patients to slip out of primary care and in to the hospital without it being sanctioned by a primary care physician.
Similarly on readmission to primary care the appropriate information would need to flow but the decision about readmission to primary care would again be controlled by the primary care physician.
I know some of us will argue that that's how it already is- but ask yourself honestly- do primary care physicians get consulted or have knowledge a priori of admission?
What would happen if we worked like this? I suspect reassurance that Mabel is always like that, and "yes, I'll see her in the morning" might, in many cases, prevent Mabel entering the hospital walls.

In a similar way when it came to the return of Mabel to primary care, her re-admission as it were, the checks on availability of a primary care bed, the required systems, and of course the information, would ensure that Mabel was not admitted to primary care unnecessarily and that since her readmission would be the default, the Hospital would need to find daily justification to keep the patient.

Perhaps Primary care physicians would like to consider doing the ward rounds in the hospital in order to decide who must stay behind in secondary care and who can leave to be readmitted into primary care.

If we all adopted this simple mind shift I'm sure less people would end up in hospital, they would spend less time in hospital and ultimately remain longer where they wish to be- at home in primary care