Why start with Why?

Been enjoying a book called "Start with Why?"
In essence the author suggests that customers buy in to services not because of what they do but why they do it.
Although the book majors on Apple, I have been able to think of lots of other companies whose value set and raison d'etre are more attractive than the products they sell. BodyShop, Rohan and the NHS all have value sets that mean their products are treated differently by customers. There is a cachet in having the product because it says something about the user/wearer/ patient. Bodyshop products bestow an environmental and ethical label on their users. But what is it that the NHS label bestows on patients? If asked "Why did you use the NHS?" what answer would you give?
Because it was there?
Because I had no choice?
Because I needed it?

I don't think many of us would say "because I value the core principles of an equitable health service, free at the point of care", which kind of makes me think that there is something missing from the way that we market NHS Services. Not just their marketing but also their usage. Perhaps we should remind patients of the Why afterall.