Time Flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana

The delay of a month since my last post is not an indicator of inactivity - far from it. We do live in interesting times, and the changes that the NHS is facing seem to grow daily.
There is a widespread and growing viewpoint that says integration is the answer. However the money is still the question.
Solving this dilemma will require something different, something new and innovative.
It will require the NHS to want to learn from other parts of the NHS and adopt the "industrial scale innovation" which was key to the Nicholson Challenge back in the days of the last government.
Can that element of culture which says it's OK to take somebody else's idea and use it wholesale be moved in the NHS. Only time will tell, but in the meanwhile I'm going to try and find one or two direct learns from neighbouring organisations and see who blinks first in the game of chicken.