'Tis the season to be Jolly.

Christmas is one of those times when the cynics seem to take to the streets.

"There's no santa"

"It's all about the money"

"its marketing for churches"

They go on and on.  In a way its good because they leave healthcare alone for a little while. The "overpaid medics" and "lazy nurses" become NHS Heroes, with the NHS becoming a cherished institution. The regular sight of carol singers busting in on ward rounds, reeking of over zealous application of hand gel and grateful relatives dropping off Grannie who's suddenly become unsafe to leave at home alone over the season.

The rest of the year those cynics denegrate , deride and thoroughly disrespect the NHS.

The worst part is that many of those cynics inhabit the NHS, some in senior positions.

 They might not recognise themselves, but they are the one who say-

"We tried that it didn't work"

"What's the point there's no money in it"

 "Its more complex than that"

"what you've got to understand is.."

"what's in it for me/us/the patient?"

These sad individuals live trapped in cages of their own making, believing that the NHS is doomed, a belief reinforced by their very actions.

Perhaps they might try and take something of the festive season into the new year with them. Perhaps the belief and optimisim of Christianity, the love for fellow mankind, the care for those in need and the understanding that every day our actions, however small, count in the lives of others.