Ok, it is a made up word. 
However recently I met a colleague at a commissioning group event. He is a true entrepreneur, always looking for the next source of potential gain. He was keen to tell me that new ideas were all well and good, but what mattered was making them work, putting them into action. He is particulaerly good at that, the implementation, not the creation. It got me thinking- what is his adjective? What is his preferred thought process?
So my suggestion goes like this:
Innovation equals ideation plus implementation. 
It's easy to describe someone who is good at ideation, generating de novo concepts or taking various problems and solutions and creating a new concept. 
We call them creative, they have creativity. 
So what is the descriptive term for an implementer? Someone who takes that idea and makes it reality? Someone who sees a place where the words first nano watch can be read? 
Can I suggest the are applitive, they have

applivity (adj.) the ability to apply novel solutions to unique situations.