When radicalisation is good.

There's a lot in the media at present about radicalisation and the various politicos saying "we must prevent it, remove the causes" 

Usually they blame extremist preachers or internet video recruitment on you tube.

I'm not actually convinced that's the real cause. 

There have been no video pleas from turban wearing clerics, no influx of terrorists hiding as immigrants and yet 76% off our country's junior doctors have become radicals, enough to strike. 

We need to understand that these NHS radicals are not fighting to keep things the same, they are not fighting for money, they are not fighting for job security, they are fighting for a cause. 

They are fighting for the NHS, an idea to which they have dedicated their working lives. 

When you become a medic in the UK you do so knowing that your employer will be the NHS, that you will earn money which is ultimately very good, but delivered by a monopoly supplier who will work you hard.

You take on this deal because you believe it's the right thing to do. 

When the government arrives, lies "there will be no top down reorganisation of the NHS" lies "doctors are coasting" and lies again "more people die on weekends because you are not there" they do not need to be Einstein to work out that "this new contract is not about reducing the wage bill and removing penalties to trusts for working youth long hours" stands as much chance of being truth as I have of being Health Minister. 

So why is their radicalisation good?  

Thanks to their oppression by Mr Hunt, their fatigue in hearing his spin, we now have a cohort of medics who are not prepared to accept that "this is the way it is," or that "you can't change that".


And you know what?- As a practicing GP I think that's exactly what the NHS needs to survive.