Time is Money

In the 21st Century it's probably no longer true that  the value of time is equivalent to money. 
I'm pretty sure that for many people the value of time is greater than money. 

However we don't yet bank time or save it or trade it. 

But we can try. 

I'm involved in an initiative the is seeking clinicians from the northwest (Lancashire Cumbria, Cheshire and Merseyside) who are willing to invest- not money- but time in new innovations, now technologies. 

Unlike the BBC Dragons Den its not your cash that's the bait, but your time. 

The Innovation Agency (Northwest Coast AHSN) is looking to find clinicians interested in hearing pitches from providers of new technology and if you wish invest your time in adopting and disseminating your learning, experience and views of the new technology. 

Recent examples include the AliveCor portable ECG and the FNB portable diagnostic pack Dr Go.

If you are a clinician in the Northwest and you want to join our Digital Dragons Den, then look me up on Twitter @chrismimnagh