Selling Health

I recently had some feedback over an article with as similar title to this one. 

The bearded anarchist heard my voice on his mind selling off the NHS, when what I wanted to get across was that health services have much to seek to other countries in terms of knowledge. 

It got me thinking that we actually don't sell health well at all. 

A recent sales talk from as timeshare company made meet realise how little we use the techniques of marketing to actually market the only product that matters- good health. 

We don't sell aspirational visions of our healthier futures, we don't offer packages designed to get the best out of your life. 

Instead we offer well managed decay into senescence and death. 

Wouldn't it be great if you received a brochure outlining all the ways you could maximize your self, save money, live longer and be happy? 

Even if you thought ", it's Not for me" you might still take away a message, want more for yourself, do more for yourself and even care more for yourself.