Who do you Google?

Listening to the radio today I heard  feature about a patient being told "not to google". 

As is turned out the story was about specialists telling the patient to stop researching their own symptoms. 

I have to say I agreed with Dr Gerada- I never say "don't" but usually point towards sites you can trust. 

In 2014 my team did some work looking at the site used by the health community of St helens and Knowsley, all staff, GPs, Hospital Specialists and Nurses use the network and we extracted the list of clinical sites used. 

The list is here  - its just the links, without the numbers or details. 

  Contact me via twitter @chrismimnagh if you want a copy of the links or the poster used in the RCGP Conference 2014.  

Mimnagh, C., Mullen, M., Mimnagh, M., 2014. Using “The Wisdom of the Crowd” to Source Resilient Internet Resources for Registrars., in: Future Proof? Resilience in Practice. Presented at the RCGP Annual Conference, RCGP, Liverpool.