Please DO Innovation, not talk it.

I was checking out Twitter today between patients and found myself chuckling at pictures of Simon Stevens talking about Innovation to 200 + NHS innovators.

He was in the same room, at the podium, they were sat patiently.  

Undoubtedly there will be a few questions, but otherwise that's it, he'll breeze of and the masses will be left to recall the details from their selective memories.

It's not very innovative is it?  

I'm tweeting this while the IT technician fixes my machine from wherever he's based. 

I'll be back seeing patients soon.

All those suits in the room will still be in the room.  The words of wisdom from our leader will be lost and memories fade.

Wouldn't it be better to do Innovation, not talk about it? 

Wouldn't it be better for Simon Stevens to emulate Zoella and take up vlogging?  

Wouldn't that actually show Innovation rather than talk about it?  

That way his words would be preserved, the comments recorded and the audience would be larger.

Just thinking.