It's probably too late for General Practice

Sorry to bang on about it, but evolution is inexorable.

Sometimes it's good news, as it has been for chickens, sometimes it's bad news, as it has been for orangutans. 

In business evolution is trickier, few companies evolve once they become successful.  They keep doing what they have always done, leaner, meaner and slicker, but essentially the same job.

Often it's the new entrant that occupies the evolutionary niche, they are not bound by the old ways, they can do out the way it should be done now. 

In the world of technology nobody occupies super computer, desktop, laptop and mobile.Apple are close, desktop, laptop and mobile in their stable. however in general it's new entrants occupying the growth sector off mobile computing.

What does this matter to health?  

We have our super computers aka hospitals, we have our desktops aka general practice, but the NHS is woefully behind when it comes to the mobile. We're too invested in our buildings, our ways of doing what we've always done. 

Dr Now, Push Doctor and Babylon are not bound by old models they are emerging into the mobile space, one of them will succeed.

Right now every GP will say "that's alright for a few, but I'll still be needed" 

That's true, but rather like the BBC, you may be joined by a wealth of other channels, other suppliers. You may get left with the hardest to solve stuff, the most expensive and least profitable. 

I think if I was the Secretary of State for Health I'd be seriously looking at how the NHS can go mobile. 

Move 111 into the world of portable apps, video consultation and e-prescribing. Staff it with medics, provide a service for the population who will otherwise leave the NHS.

Do it now before evolution leaves us behind.