Cherry picking or evolution?

 it's been an interesting  couple of days on Twitter, with concern being voiced in many quarters about the new service launched in London by Babylon Health.  

 Here is my declaration of interest:  I am a sessional GP for Babylon Health,  I also work as a regular NHS GP and in the local out of hours service which is a GP co-operative. 

I'm also a patient, one whose GP offers routine appointments for the next week every Wednesday,  and on the day call up at 8 for the lottery of today's appointments.

My GP was failing before Babylon. 

When I work out of hours I'm supposed to be out in the vehicle, but I spend a huge amount of time on the phone speaking to people looking for advice and support which they can't get from their GP during the day.  

This was happening before Babylon. 

So, we can rail about a systematic underfunding of primary care. We can  cry foul over allegations of cherry picking, but the reality is that patients can make their own minds up about accessing a GP service, Some will choose access over continuity, others will stick with continuity in the face of failing access.

What you can't complain about is a new entrant to the ecosystem who sees a niche and exploits it, because that I'm afraid is evolution.