The Virtual Locum is here

Right now is a great time to be a GP. 

There are too few of us to continue with the way its always been done, so we now need new ways of working to be actually implemented.  

My solution ( one of many) is the Virtual locum. I'm not talking an AI or online text service, but a human, able to log on to the clinical system, pick up a list of calls, either telephone or video and then work through that list from wherever they are. Supporting practices with specific projects, solutions or activities which are suited to remote working should remove the need to get bodies into the building.

There is sufficient evidence to support the delivery of good clincial assessment by experienced clinicians as a means to reduce inappropriate face to face consultations, improve access, and outcomes.  

It's not rocket science but will enable practices to not divert precious clincial room space to phone calls, to not have to learn the skills of telephone and video consults, to offer patients the possibility of evening and weekend calls without opening the building. 

Obviously the key issue is systems access, which is not difficult , but tends to be guarded by parochial IT services who demand control and ownership of the technology and the process of access. 

Right now if I was a locum agency I'd be seeking clinicians with that skill set, developing the infrastructure and preparing to solve the workforce crisis by removal of travel time and clincial space requirements.  

Interested? Ask me more...lets hangout/FaceTime/ Zoom about it.